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At Green Mountain Motorcar, WE BELIEVE !

     The Red Sox helped us

   We have grown up in or chosen to make Vermont our home, a very beautiful place, to put family and friends at the top of our list.  We have been in the car business for a long time,  and decided to make a difference everyday in helping our customers get what they deserve out of their automotive sales and service experience.  Great customer service, fair prices on repairs,  and cars for sale that are well below any of the book values, that we stand behind 100%.  We are here to help you and become your trusted auto sales and service solution.

    We are interested in the same things you are; quality at a fair price,  and will never loose site of what is important.  We are interested in helping people understand their automobiles and learn about them.   Our commitment is to every automobile owner anywhere,  we are a place to call or stop by if you need help understanding something.  Please feel free to call 865-4662 or email us anytime at this link.  

Email Us Here >>GMMC<<    And yes we are Sox fans!                                                           

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